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MobilePhoneNow is your number one solution for getting a mobile phone contract! We help everyone find the best mobile phone deal for their circumstances, including people with bad credit. If you can't get a contract phone elsewhere but have a bad credit rating, we can help you. You don't need to search for guaranteed mobile phone contracts or contract phones with no credit checks - simply apply on our site to view the best deals, no matter what your circumstances are!

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All will agree that in the recent past, credit checks were a standard procedure carried out by lenders and mobile phone contract providers alike. While this unsettled many people who had bad credit, the situation has changed for the better. Credit checks are no longer a “must do thing” with numerous lenders across the UK. Most providers opine that while credit checks are essential, they should not be used as a factor to deny a person the right to use a mobile phone and enjoy the benefits as others.

At MobilePhoneNow, we believe in providing our customers not only the best mobile phone contract deals but also ensuring that they do get approved without any hassles. Our phone contracts are open to all kinds of people irrespective of whether they have a high credit score, a low credit score or bad credit. We understand that our customers have differences in finances, tastes and preferences as well as budget. In the same wavelength, we also believe that not everyone can be on the same level as regards credit score.

There are people who as a result of circumstances beyond them find themselves with a poor credit rating. This could be a sudden loss of job, incapacitation due to an accident and a myriad of other reasons that might render it difficult for them to service a loan or a mobile phone contract that they might have taken in the past. In revelation and realization of this, we have come up with various mobile phone contracts packages or deals to suit people with different circumstances.

For starters, if you have been a loyal customer of ours over the years and have always made your monthly payments on time without fail, we have no reason to carry out credit checks every time you make an application for a mobile phone contract. Conversely, we offer a number of mobile phone contract deals such as guaranteed mobile phone contracts, bad credit mobile phone contracts and the ordinary kind of mobile phone contracts. We understand that you may have been rejected on numerous occasions before elsewhere.

As such, we have made it a policy not to carry out any credit checks when applying for our various mobile phone contracts deals. Each of our packages have different perks and benefits and the onus is on you to choose one that best works for you. Our bad credit and guaranteed mobile phone contracts are designed for people with bad credit or a very low credit score. We endeavor to create a wonderful experience every time you do business with us and this is why we have great deals while at the same time not burdening you with credit checks.

We are here to give you a pleasant experience and great deals and have no plan to plan to spoil your day through unwarranted rejections. If you have been rejected a mobile phone contract in the past due to your credit rating, contact us today at MobilePhoneNow and get approved for a mobile phone contract plan of your choice without having to deal with credit checks!

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