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MobilePhoneNow is your number one solution for getting a mobile phone contract! We help everyone find the best mobile phone deal for their circumstances, including people with bad credit. If you can't get a contract phone elsewhere but have a bad credit rating, we can help you. You don't need to search for guaranteed mobile phone contracts or contract phones with no credit checks - simply apply on our site to view the best deals, no matter what your circumstances are!

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Have you ever been refused a phone contract because of your poor credit history? Thousands of customers across UK are experiencing the same thing. Rejection is often the first response you’ll get from providers when you have a bad credit score because of the risk you pose. A couple of rejections, however, shouldn’t stop you from getting a phone contract if you really need one.

If you want a guaranteed phone even with bad credit, there are things you can do to convince your provider. Here are some of these tricks you can try:

Call customer service and ask

Before you apply for a phone contract from a major provider, there’s one thing you need to do first. Call customer service and inquire about phone deals offered for people with bad credit. While providers prefer to do business with customers who have good credit scores, providers are now paying more attention to the neglected part of the market. Rather than reject applications outright, some providers may have decent deals that will suit your budget and needs.

Negotiate with your provider

If your provider refuses to approve your phone contract application, this is when you can put your negotiation skills to the test. When it comes to convincing your provider, it’s really just all about lowering the risks you pose on their end. One way to do that is to offer to pay an upfront fee. The amount of upfront fee you should pay will depend on your handset choice. The more high-end the handset, the higher the upfront fee you should offer to pay. By doing so, you are essentially reducing your fixed monthly hence lowering the risks on your provider’s end.

Bring a guarantor into the mix

Unfortunately, not everyone has spare cash to cover the upfront fee. In this case, you may want to try bringing a guarantor into the picture. Like paying the upfront fee, the guarantor lowers or completely removes the risks on your provider’s end. Finding a guarantor, however, may prove difficult. For the guarantor to be qualified, he or she must be of legal age, a UK resident and has good credit history. The guarantor also has to agree to co-sign the contract agreement with you. This means that he or she agrees to pay for your liabilities in the event that you are financially incapacitated to do so.

Consider getting a bad credit phone

If the aforementioned tips won’t work for your situation, there’s another alternative you can consider. Apply for a bad credit phone instead. With these types of deals, approval is often guaranteed because there are no credit checks involved. Even if you’ve been rejected elsewhere because of your history of nonpayment, default or CCJs, you are still eligible for a bad credit phone. In fact, bad credit phones are essentially guaranteed phones. These phone deals exist to cater specifically to customers with bad credit issues.

The Bottom Line

Having bad credit comes with a string of consequences. It can get in the way not only with your personal loan applications but also with your phone contract application. Because you’re considered a high-risk customer, rejection is often the outright response for your applications. Fortunately, there are some things you can do. As listed above, there are tricks and tips you can try to negotiate with your provider. If you can significantly lower the risks for your provider, chances are high that you’ll get a guaranteed phone quick.

Remember though that getting a guaranteed phone even with bad credit is just a temporary fix to your problem. If you want better deals on your phone contract, there’s really just one major tip you should take note and that is to improve your credit score. Aim to boost your credit rating and you’ll reap a multitude of financial rewards in the long run.

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