Why should I apply with you?

If you have bad credit, applying through our service rather than applying on your own can improve your chances of qualifying for a mobile contract. This is because we work closely with major networks which provide services specifically catered for people with bad credit. Through these connections, constant research, and customer feedbacks, we can make it highly possible for you to obtain a mobile contract no matter what kind of financial situation you are coming from.

How sure are you that I’ll qualify for a contract?

We never promise 100% approval rates because each network performs credit check differently and has certain criteria to assess the level of risk for each customer. However, what we do is show you the deals which you are likely to qualify for, and give you advise on how to even improve your chances. We won’t let you get away empty-handed, and because of our established relationships with these network providers, we can always come up with a suitable deal for your needs. 

Can I apply for the newest high-end phone released in the market?

We advise you to stay away from expensive handsets, especially the newest ones. Mobile providers have stricter requirements and credit checks when it comes to high-end gadgets, and with bad credit, your application will most likely be rejected anyway. We suggest that you become realistic and only apply for deals that have the highest rate of approval. You can always upgrade for a new phone later after you’ve proven that you are responsible with your payments.

What if I want to keep using my number?

Yes. Even if you qualify for a new phone, you can always port your old number if you decide to switch networks.

Can I keep my mobile phone?

Definitely! If you’re not looking to upgrade to a new handset or are willing to buy one outright, you can apply for a sim-only contract and use it with your existing device. Not only are sim-only deals cheaper, but they are the easiest to qualify for because there’s no mobile phone cost to recover. A sim-only contract can also help improve your credit rating after a certain period of on-time monthly payments. Many customers who got denied a contract with free handset can apply and get approved for a sim-only deal, and eventually may be able to qualify for a contract phone.

How much does it cost to use your service?

It is absolutely FREE and no obligation to use our service. We only compile all the bad credit mobile phone deals out there so you can choose which ones to apply for. We only ask for your contact details so we can return the results to you immediately.

Who can I contact for support?

Our website has various resources in case you are looking for additional tips and info on how to get a mobile phone contract with bad credit. However, if you need technical support regarding a particular network, you can always visit that network’s support page.

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