Mobile Phone Habits that Could Turn People Off

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Making Calls in Public Places

While it’s normal to use your phone all the time especially when you need to keep in touch with employers or big clients, there’s always a boundary in when or where should you place a call/answer a call. For one, talking in public places or anywhere near someone’s earshot is bad manners. You have to remember that no one likes to hear what you have to say, and it can also compromise some sensitive information.

If there’s a call that you really need to answer and you are in a public place, what you can do is move away somewhere where no one can hear you, talk briefly and quietly, and tell the other person that you will call back. You can also simply respond with a text message if you don’t have to answer formally.

Doing Any Activity with Your Phone While with Friends

Probably the most annoying habit of any mobile phone user is using their phones in front of friends or family, especially during meals. It’s simply rude to call, text, or surf whenever you’re around friends, because it’s like giving them the idea that you’re not having fun with them. Even if it’s just a text, your friend might have the impression that he’s being talked about, or that you don’t pay attention to what he’s saying. The most annoying of all is seeing a group of friends in a café or restaurant who’d rather update their Facebook status than bond with their friends. Seriously, will it hurt to postpone your status update or photo uploads for later?

While it might be harmless to peek into your phone once in a while to see if you have any important message, make sure that it’s not too often, or else you’ll leave the impression that you are getting bored. If there’s really an important message you need to respond to, send a quick text to let the other person know that you have company, and that you’ll call back.

Not Putting Your Phone in Silent Mode

Even if you didn’t send a text message or made a call first, it doesn’t mean that it’s not your fault when your phone suddenly beeped while in public. Whenever you’re going out, especially if you’re visiting a theatre, library, restaurant, or a place of worship, always make sure that your ringtones and message alert tones are in silent mode, to avoid causing a distraction.

Meanwhile, if you’re on board a plane, it’s one of the safety rules to turn off all electronics, so make sure to turn off your phone completely.

Sharing Everything in Your Social Media Accounts

Use of social media has really gone viral, and there are times when you just automatically take a photo of what you’re eating and upload it, or share a recent video that you’ve watched. However, there should be limitations on the types of activities you have to share, especially when they can cause harm.

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