iPhone 5s Review

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After a year, Apple recently launched the most-awaited successor to the iPhone 5- the iPhone 5s. Unlike it’s close cousin, which is the iPhone 5c, the 5s bears closer resemblance to the best-selling predecessor. 

Design and Display

If you’re looking to upgrade mainly because you want a totally new look and feel, then you’re in for major disappointment. The iPhone 5s is almost identical to its predecessor, and you’ll likely won’t notice the difference particularly if you’ve seen an iPhone 5 only once or twice. It has the same metal body, with a glass front and glass top and bottom sections. You can still find the speakers, the lightning port, and the 3.5mm headphone jack at the bottom of the phone. The only difference is that it now comes with an addition of a gold color, aside from the old white and silver and black and slate.

It still houses the same 4-inch screen, which is another disappointment if you were hoping for Apple to come up with larger phones in response to the competition. The good thing is that it remains comfortable to one’s grip, and can easily fit any pocket.

Fingerprint Scanner

Perhaps all the hype comes with the addition of this new fingerprint scanner which is the first time to be incorporated in a mobile phone. This extra task is given to the physical home button, which learns your fingerprint after scanning your fingers a few times. This enables you to unlock your phone simply by placing your finger lightly on the home button, which can save you a few seconds from having to type your PIN number. In addition, you can verify your iTunes purchases more quickly by just using your fingerprint instead of typing a lengthy password.

Performance and Power

The 5s contains the latest A7 processor backed up by 1GB of RAM. It’s a 64-bit, dual-core chip, which is surprisingly fast, despite not being a quad-core. Unfortunately for Android lovers, they cannot bash the 5s based on its performance, because even benchmarks prove that it’s one powerful machine. 


  • Sturdy and elegant design
  • iOS 7 has noteworthy enhancements and is easy to use
  • Great and fast camera
  • Powerful processor
  • The fingerprint scanner is definitely a welcome addition


  • Still very expensive
  • Looks very similar to the iPhone 5
  • Same screen size and resolution
  • Battery is irremovable
  • No expandable storage 

The Verdict

Judging from its looks and the almost identical software, it’s worth saying that the iPhone 5s might not be exactly a smart upgrade from its predecessor. If you have the iPhone 5, you are definitely not missing much when it comes to features and hardware capabilities. However, if you have older versions of Apple iPhone, especially those older than the iPhone 4s, it’s definitely one worthy upgrade. The same goes if you’re looking to explore the world of iOS for the first time and have been quite bored with other operating systems.

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