iPhone 5c Review

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To replace the iPhone 5 from last year, Apple launched the iPhone 5s and the low-cost alternative- the iPhone 5c. Is it a worthy upgrade from the iPhone 5? Or is it just a cheap stunt to reach a larger market? Read the guide to see. 


Though we have seen colorful iPod’s in the past years, particularly the 5th generation iPods, the 5c is something new in the iPhone line. The machined polycarbonate is an excellent craftsmanship that makes it look as an affordable iPhone rather than a “cheap” version. Although it’s still a constant source of debate, especially from those who are used to the familiar aluminum and glass casing. Still, It aims to prove that plastic can be used to produce a high-end device without sacrificing style and class. The iPhone 5c comes in white, red, green, yellow, and blue.


Just like the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, it also carries the same 4-inch screen. There’s no added resolution or screen real estate, but regardless, it’s still bright and crisp and has one of the best displays among today’s smartphones.


The iPhone 5c’s camera carries the same 8-megapixel sensor. Despite the not-so-much-improvement in the rear, the front camera has an enhanced 1.2MP shooter. With the new iOS 7, there are also added functionalities such as real-time filters, a well-improved interface, and 3x video zoom. However, what it lacks are the 720p slow-motion video capture, 120fps, 10fps burst mode, panorama auto-exposure, auto image stabilization, and True Tone Flash, all of which are found in the latest flagship.

Battery Life

The 5c packs a slightly improved 1507mAh battery from the 1440mAH battery in the iPhone 5. If it’s fully charged in the morning, it can last about a day of heavy use and two days with light usage. It’s not exactly superb, but it performs well.


Having almost exactly the same hardware as its predecessor, it’s no surprise that the iPhone 5c runs as fast as the iPhone 5. It responds quickly and smoothly to whatever task you throw at it. However, compared to the iPhone 5s, the latter really beats it in some department. Nonetheless, its performance is satisfying enough for the average user.


  • Cheaper iPhone
  • Stylish, colorful designs
  • Improved camera


  • Not much of an upgrade from the iPhone 5
  • Limited screen real estate
  • The battery is irremovable

The Verdict

All in all, the iPhone 5c is a nice-looking phone that feels good to hold and certainly worth looking at, no matter how badly it can be criticized as the cheap iPhone. If you want to have a nice Apple experience but want to save money, it is certainly a great option. However, if you have an iPhone 5 and are thinking about upgrading to the 5c, you have to realize that there’s not much improvement over the older iPhone, so you might want to reconsider holding on to your device a little bit longer.

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