How to Prolong Your Phone’s Battery Life?

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It does not matter how expensive or cool your phone is, when it does not live long enough for you to show off these features to your friends. Unfortunately, with all those grand activities you can do with your phone, it’s almost impossible to make it last a day without fully charging it. These are some simple tweaks you can do in order to prolong your phone’s battery life. 

Turn off the power

Shutting your phone down most of the time might not be a reassuring idea, but there are certain moments when keeping your phone off will not really hurt. For example, if you’re just going to sleep, when reception is bad, or when it’s after business hours and you’re simply not expecting any calls, you can turn off the power to save your battery. Alternatively, you can also switch to airplane or power saving mode.

Adjust screen brightness

Those vibrant phone screens today drink up most of your battery juice. You can reduce the rate of battery drain by lowering your screen brightness to the most comfortable level for your eyes. You can also avoid using live wallpapers.

Disable flash

Your camera phone’s flash is one of the culprits that eat a lot of power. If you don’t need additional lighting, you can just disable your flash especially when taking multiple photos.

Turn off Connectivity

When your GPS, Bluetooth, or Wifi are turned on, they consistently search for signals or connections, which can drain your battery quickly. Unless you need to stay connected all the time, turn off these features to preserve your battery.

Disable unused applications

One of the power hogs are those apps which run continuously on the background. Check on your phone’s settings which apps are running and disable them when not in use.

Don’t let your phone die

It’s a common belief that the proper way to charge your phone is to drain the battery fully before recharging it. On the contrary, this gives your battery further strain, so to avoid that, make sure you connect your phone to your charger before it dies.

Reserve the remainder of your battery for important calls

If you know that you won’t be able to recharge soon and your battery is running low, make sure you stop whatever unimportant activities you are doing. Rather than playing games, video chatting, surfing the web, or watching videos, preserve your remaining battery to make or answer important calls or text messages.

Adjust your screen timeout

Most phones screens are set to a longer timeout by default. One of the simple ways to conserve battery is to shorten your screen timeout to just 15 seconds, so that your phone won’t remain lit for so long after it has become idle.

Turn off vibrate and key tones

It will not hurt turning these features off, in fact, many find them distracting. Disable key tones and vibrate when you don’t need to be notified, and most especially when you are just going to sleep and don’t want to be disturbed, or if you are in a place of worship. Not only does it show respect but it can save some battery juice.

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