Excuses People Make to Put Off Credit Repair

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Anyone with bad credit can wish to rebuild their credit again, but not everyone has the courage to start working actively on their credit because of the following excuses. 

Not knowing where to start

No one can fix your credit for you, so it does not make sense to just wait for some magic and hope that your bad credit will fall off from your credit report soon. Everything in life might seem like hard work, but you will never know until you try to do it. There are many free and great resources which can help you in DIY credit repair.

Not earning enough

Many think that repairing credit is expensive, and that they don’t have enough income to sustain credit repair. In reality though, the more you earn, the more money you spend, so technically your income has no real bearing on why your credit has dropped in the first place, but rather it’s the way you spend. Although fixing your credit requires a little more extra cash to put in towards debt repayment, you can do this not by increasing your income but by cutting back on your expenses.

Their spouse has good credit

It’s not wise to forget your own credit just because you have a partner with a good credit score. In the face of unfortunate life events such as divorce, disability, or death, you’ll regret not having your own credit to rely on when you need it most. Whether or not you have a spouse with good credit, it pays to be ready on whatever life throws at you.

Their credit is hopeless

This is simply not true because there is always a solution, no matter how bad your credit has been struck. Whether your credit report contains negative entries as bad as public records such as bankruptcies, there’s always a way to improve your credit over time.

They’re worried creditors will run after them

Some think that simply hiding away will make creditors forget about them, and starting to repair credit will only endanger them even more. Unfortunately, you can never hide from bad credit. If only you take the time to talk to your creditors and work out a payment agreement with them, they will never harass you as long as you hold on to your end of the bargain.

They’re okay with having bad credit

Perhaps this one is the saddest of all. Maybe you’ve gotten away with getting a job or finding a place to live even with bad credit. But there are many good things in life that you could be missing because of bad credit, such as signing up for a utility service without having to provide a security deposit, obtaining a business loan, or having lower interest rates on your insurance premiums.

They’re planning to file bankruptcy anyway

Bankruptcy is not a good excuse to give up on your credit, in fact, after your bankruptcy you will need to start working on your credit if you want to qualify for loans or credits in the future.

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