Buy a New Mobile Phone on a Budget

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If you have a decent working phone and just want to upgrade because of pure boredom, selling your old phone can help cover some of the costs of your new phone, particularly if your phone is just a slightly older model. If you don’t need a backup phone or don’t have kids to pass it on, your best option is to sell it. You can find a number of websites online that specifically buy old electronics. In addition, you can swap it with your provider for an upgrade from your current contract.

However, you’ll probably make more money by selling the phone directly to someone you know. You can avoid any charges from hiring a third party. Just make sure you’re honest about your phone’s current condition. If you’ve maintained it well and kept it away from scratches or other damages, you can sell it at a good price especially if you include the box and other accessories that you have.

Provide a down payment

Whether it’s through financing or through a mobile contract, you can save more money by providing a considerable down payment for your phone. This leaves you little amount to pay for, which can lower the interest rates, your monthly bills, and shorten the length of time you have to pay for the gadget. 

Consider a sim only contract

If you’ve got the money to buy the phone that you want outright, you may want to consider getting a sim only contract. Sim only deals are often cheaper because there’s no cost of handset to recover. Yes you need to have your own mobile and pay for it in cash, but there are bigger savings in the long run for having to pay only for the credits you use.

Buy a phone that’s nearly new

Sometimes you just have to be practical. Most of the time, there’s not much difference with buying the latest unit than buying its predecessor from last year. Usually, there’s no major leap from the previous model, and most of the features that you’re looking for are also present. Sometimes, even the appearance is almost the same, so you won’t really lose much buying a slightly older phone, you’ll just be able to save money.

Consider buying used phones

There are many users whose passion is to upgrade to the latest mobile phones as soon as the newest comes out, even if it means they’ve only used the device for just six months or less. You can find many phones which are slightly new and are still in great condition. Just be sure you know where you’re buying it from. When you’re buying online, make sure the seller has good rating, and if you’re buying direct, make sure you know the person you’re buying it from.


It’s not always a what-you-see-is-what-you-get situation when you’re shopping for a phone. Different retailers have different pricing for each unit, and aside from that, you can discover many deals which you can take advantage of if you just ask.

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